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There is a wide variety of places where you can enjoy nature in peace. So what can be more enjoyable then having a well filled pick-nick basket, sitting down in the meadows or along the dikes and appreciate the views and birds singing.

Pick-nick baskets  must be ordered at least one day in advance.  There is choice from the following baskets: 


The Italian pick-nick 

- A Mediterranean quiche 

- Biscotti with a sauce of sweet wine 

- Sandwiches filled with parma, pesto and mozzarella 

- Pasta salad with fruit-de-mer 

- Baked aubergines with mozzarella 

- Bottle of wine 

- Bottle of water 

Price: € 40.- 


The "Haringvliet" pick-nick 

- Mini-croissants with small river lobsters 

- Quiche with brie and sun-dried tomatoes 

- Tea bread with dried fruit 

- Frisee salad with bacon 

- Red summer-fruit bowl 

- Ice-tea

- Bottle of wine 

Price: € 35.- 


The farmers autumn pick-nick 

- Potato salad with sausage 

- Paté with bread 

- Green bean salad 

- Farmer bread filled with smoked duck, nuts and corn

- Soup 

- Chocolate mousse with nuts and grapes 

- Warm bishop wine 

- Bottle of water 

Price: € 35.- 


The contents of these baskets may vary due to the availability of the ingredients.